Photo: Erik Lemke

Andre Krummel

After several internships in the german film industry Andre Krummel travelled the world for a whole year before he worked on Rosa von Praunheims produced film „How I learned to love the numbers” as an editor.

Since 2013 he is studying documentary film at the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg. "Berlin Excelsior" (Rommel Film, rbb) is his debut as a director of photography and co-writer. He lives in Berlin.


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short documentary / 2016 / 15 min. / 16 mm / Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

director: Andre Krummel / DoP: David Dincer

Editor: Gürcan Cansever / Sound: Steffen Flach

with Viktoriya Gladitz


Viktoriya believes that bad experiences are not only saved in our memories but also in each cell of our body. Raised in poverty in the former USSR, she now leads a Tantra institute in a small German town. There, men and women learn what it means to love. Anyone who knows about Viktoriyas past would need to ask: Could connecting sexuality and awareness be a way of dealing with these memories?





>Pornfilmfestival Berlin 2016

>PopPorn Festival Brasil 2017

Das Herz von Stuttgart

The Heart of Stuttgart

animated documentary / 2016 / 38 min. / Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

directed and written by Andre Krummel & Marc Eberhardt / animation: Andre Krummel

Sound Design: Frank Schubert / Score: Tobias Burkardt

with Rosa von Praunheim, Joe Bauer, Harry Walter, Bernd Heidelbauer and others


Is there a heart or just a motor pumping in Stuttgart? Two documentary filmer are eager to find out. One of them is a returnee the other is a newcomer. A city which is trapped between progress and convention. The film deals with questions about origin, identity, pride and the nonexistence of passion. Alongside it is a true love story - maybe the greatest Swabian one since "Katie of Heilbronn".





>episode 1



>ITFS International Festival of Animated Film 2016, Stuttgart

Das Herz von Stuttgart
Das Herz von Stuttgart
Das Herz von Stuttgart

The Buphagus

short film / 2014 / 10 min. / Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

written and directed by Andre Krummel / co-director: Jonas Schneider / editor: Andre Krummel

DoP: Florian Tscharf, Raphaela te Pass

with Jonathan Berlin and Gerhard Polacek


Six months ago Felix started to work as an Escort. Several times a week he gets paid for sex by older men. This time it's not business as usual: a 550-lbs-man awaits him in his hotel room. But instead of having sex the man tells Felix his fascinating story.




>Pink Screens 2016, Brussels

LGBT* Festival "Kreivės" 2016, Vilnius

Fish&Chips Erotic Film Festival 2016, Turin

Fringe! Film Fest 2015, London

>Sardinia Queer Short Film Festival 2015, Cagliari

>Queerfilmfest 2015, Rostock

>Porn Filmfestival 2015, Berlin

Q! Film Festival 2015, Jakatar

>Festival Mix Milano 2015, Milan

>NACHTSCHATTEN Film Festival 2015, Munich

>Sicilia Queer Short Film Festival 2015, Palermo

SHORTS 2015, Offenburg

>Changing Perspectives Film Festival 2015, Istanbul

>Fetisch Film Festival 2014, Kiel